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This is such a beautiful outdoor wall light fixture. This is a must have for anyone who is looking for a sleek contemporary outdoor lighting fixture that illuminates light bright and far. I was happy to see that is uses a LED light and it's also waterproof. The lighting fixture came in a small box, but very easy to put together. We have this installed on our porch close to the front the door and it has changed the way our porch look from a frosted light fixture to stainless steel. Very high quality and very beautiful. The LED is only on one end, so we have it positioned downward and it illuminates plenty.

Jane Woe - Job Title

This LED light looks very well made with a sleek modern design. I don't mess with electricity so I had an electrician come to install it. He said the light is not difficult to install as long as you are able to match up the wires. The light is bright enough to take in over half of the patio. I feel it would also quickly invite unwanted intruders to leave in a hurry, even though it does not have a motion detector. It is more then I would want to pay for it but I would recommend it. I like that it is an energy saving LED. It lights up my whole grill so I will be able to grill in the winter after the sun goes down. I received this product at a discounted price in return for a honest review.

William Woe - CEO ThemeForest

Very beautiful outdoor light. I think the best part, which most lights do not have, is the ability to adjust the light bin which makes it very attractive. Only 4 of them to mach and the ability to play with the light is very cool. The lamp is very solid that makes my very comfortable with it and the LRD light is very bright which, even on the wall it give great ambient light. This light this very good for the outside but can easily be used indoor as well.

Robert Roe - WordPress Specialist Envato

This LED aluminum waterproof wall lamp is nice and different. the outside casing is made out of aluminum shells and it is well put built, strong and durable. It is IP65 waterproof and can be used indoor or outdoor. Mine was used on the front entrance of my house. The LED lights it came with are 12w which can be changed to a higher wattage. It makes my front entrance of my house look modern and it looks beautiful.

Jane Doe - Designer RT-Themes